Meals for Our Students

 Free Meals

The SCUCISD Child Nutrition Department is serving FREE MEALS to students and children in the community for the 2020-2021 school year [Downloadable Flyer]

  • Please note that we are still accepting FREE and REDUCED-PRICED meal applications, as this will help our students and our district
  • SCUC @ Home Learners and Community members aged 18 years and under may pick up Curbside Meals at all ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS and WILDER INTERMEDIATE from 9 – 9:30 a.m. every day, Monday – Friday
  • A Parent or guardian can pick up meals without a child being present with proof of guardianship to include
    • Official letter/email from a school listing the children enrolled at the campus
    • Student ID numbers/cards, Report Cards, Attendance Records, or Birth Certificate
    • Official letter/email from a facility or school listing the children enrolled
    • Other official ID cards
  • Upon verification, we will issue the parent/guardian a mirror hanger showing the number of meals to be picked up
  • Curbside Meals will contain lunch for the current day and breakfast for the following day (breakfast can be declined by indicating so on the order form)
  • Limited A La Carte food items may be available for purchase in the cafeteria. Students may prepay or use their cafeteria accounts for these purchases.
  • What happens to my child’s cafeteria account?  

    - Limited A La Carte food items may be available for purchase in the cafeteria 

    - Cafeteria account balances are carried forward each school year.  The funds will remain in the account even if your child transfers to another school within SCUCISD.  Funds can be transferred between siblings by calling your school's cafeteria office or the Child Nutrition Office at 210-945-6045.

    - You can request a refund by calling your school's cafeteria office or the Child Nutrition Office at 210-945-6045.  Unfortunately, we are not able to move the funds from the meal account to the student store account and vice versa. Please make sure to turn off the auto pay option and the low balance notice before requesting the refund.  It takes approximately 10 to 14 days to receive a refund check in the mail. 

  • Bringing your lunch from home?  If you are still hungry, you may get a free meal from the school cafeteria!
  • Ordering Form [THIS WEEK]
  • Ordering Form [NEXT WEEK]


 **Please know that your student can still get a meal, even if they did NOT sign up.**

Thank You!   Please revisit our website for updates and menus

For more information, Please contact the SCUC ISD Child Nutrition staff at 210-945-6045.