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Clemens HS Top 20 Breakfast

Samuel Clemens High School held its annual breakfast for the top 20 students in its graduating class on May 13. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, a curbside breakfast and reception was held outside the school in the parking lot.

Students in the elite group were greeted with a gift bag and opportunities for photos with teachers who had a profound impact on their educational development.

SCUC ISD Core Values: Leadership, Character, Commitment, Service, Learning

Samuel Clemens Class of 2020 Top 20 graduates

1 – Destin Weathersby

2 – Jacob Tondre

3 – Jackson Vincent

4 – Caitlin Thai

5 – Jackson Macias

6 – Benjamin Allin

7 – Juliana Walsh

8 – Christopher Campbell

9 – Alyssa Hoover

10-Catarina Dumas

11-Anna Norwood

12-Jake Crawford

13-Connor O’Neill

14-Hannah Anderson

15-Ryan Treviño

16-Shelby O’Neal

17-Taylor Trapp

18-Ashley Hoover

19-Megan Bone

20-Allison Lozano