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Student run store teaching Corbett ALE students life skills

It is a noisy Valentine’s Day cafeteria at Corbett Junior High School, but Kelly Herzog and Danielle Ellison are busy working their shift, learning about finance in the new Corbett Corner Store, located on the stage facing the dining hall. They are students in the school’s ALE (Alternative Learning Environment), acquiring life skills in the retail industry by selling school supplies, processing transactions, making change for customers and depositing the funds in the campus PTC (Parent-Teacher Committee) account. Ellison has other reasons for participating. “I like the store because it is fun,” she said.

Patrons have 15 different school-related items to choose from when making purchases, ranging from pencils, glue sticks, notebooks and highlighters, among others.

The second lunch shift sees ALE students Jacob Ozuniga and Tim Soukup handle retail duties, this time with assistance from classmates Xavier Alves and Suzanne Covington, who belong to the school’s Meet in the Middle Club. “I like collecting the coins and money,” Ozuniga said. He and Soukup also admit they work because, “we get to talk with the kids”.

Sandy Childress, with help from ALE colleagues Candise Charles, Veronica Mendoza and Mardi Anderson oversee the store, which earned $22 during its grand opening on February 7th. Gayla Wilson, PTC President for the school, volunteers her time to support the program and provide encouragement.

“I love watching the students come out of their shells and learn how to talk with others,” Childress said. “Our students are able to show others all the different personalities that we see every day.”

SCUC Belief Statement one: “We believe all students have the capacity to learn and excel.”

Priority 1 – All Graduates will be College and/or Career and/or Military Ready


Corbett Corner Store

Corbett ALE students operate the Corner Store

Students are taught to process transactions

Meet in the Middle students assist the ALE entrepreneurs