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    Clicking on this image of our virtual office will take you to an interactive setting of our online office with links to information about many of the items you will need to help you have a successful year.


    If you prefer, you can access the same information using the links to the left. If you can't find the information you are looking for, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You will find the contact information for all of our counselors and support staff below.

Counselors and Support Staff

  • Leslie McClellan – Counselor, Last names A ‐ COP Email Ms. McClellan
    Office Location: Downstairs G Gallery
    210-619-4040 | Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Ms. McClellan
    Secretary: Alicia Fullen, 210-619-4031 Email Ms. Fullen

    Michelle Garcia – Counselor, Last names COR ‐ GREmail Ms. Garcia
    Office Location: Upstairs Q Gallery
    210-619-4031| Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Ms. Garcia
    Secretary: Donita Dugar, 210- 619-4031Email Ms. Dugar

    Rubi Sanchez – LEAD COUNSELORLast names GU ‐ KENEmail Ms. Sanchez
    Office Location: Downstairs Q Gallery
    210-619-4078 | Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Ms. Sanchez
    Secretary: Gina Van Der Velden, 210-619-4078Email Ms. Van Der Velden

    Jared Berlanga, Last names KER - NOL Email Mrs. Berlanga
    Office Location:
    Upstairs G Gallery
    PH:  | Make an Appointment
    Alicia Fullen, 210-619-4031 Email Ms. Fullen

    Ezelina Marroquin, Last names NOM - SER Email Ms. Marroquin
    Office Location: Downstairs F Gallery
    210-619-4019 | Make an Appointment Request an Appointment with Ms. Marroquin
    Secretary: Tammi Biggs, 210-619-4019 Email Ms. Biggs

    Denise Angulo, Last names SH – Z Email Mrs. Angulo
    Office Location: Upstairs F Gallery
    210-619-4011 | Make an Appointment
    Secretary: Angelina Watkins, 210-619-4011 Email Ms. Watkins

    Dana Dever – Testing Coordinator Email Ms. Dever
    Office Location:
    210-619-4009 | Make an Appointment


Counseling Newsletters

Helpful Files


    Mari Hernandez – Data Clerk Email Ms. Hernandez
    Office Location: Front Office

    Kimberly Perez - Registrar Email Registrar
    Office Location: Front Office

    Adrienne McGill – CIS Site Coordinator Email Ms. McGill
    Office Location: Downstairs F Gallery, F140
    210/619-4075 | Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Ms. McGill

    Raquel Rodriguez – Social Worker Email Ms. Rodriguez
    Office Location: Upstairs F Gallery
    210/945-6523 | Make an Appointment Request an Appointment with Ms. Rodriguez

    Ronnie Williamson – Military Student Specialist Email Mr. Williamson
    Office Location: Upstairs G Gallery
    210-619-4121 | Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Mr. Williamson

    Melissa Rountree - College & Career Advisor Email Ms. Rountree
    Office Location: F237
    210/619-4065 | Make an AppointmentRequest an Appointment with Ms. Pope

    Rachel Schuster - Librarian Email Ms. Schuster
    Location: Library (Able to help with your login, your school email, etc.)
    Library Page


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