Our School Offers Numerous Extracurricular Clubs

Library Club

  • Fourth grade students assist librarians with library tasks including checking in books, checking out students, finding books, cleaning, and organizing. - Club Sponsor: Mrs. Yowell & Mrs. Coleman

UIL Spelling

  • The spelling contest is designed to give students exposure to a wide variety of vocabulary words. It is not a contest of memorization. Preparation for this contest includes instruction on the rules of the English language, meanings and definitions, and root words. In addition to learning to spell proficiently, contestants will learn to write clearly and to capitalize words properly. - Club Sponsor: Ms. Travis

UIL Number Sense

  • Students will be given a 10-minute, fill-in-the-blank test which they must complete without doing calculations on paper or on a calculator. Erasures and mark-outs are not permitted. Concepts covered include, but are not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematics notation. - Club Sponsor: Mr. Sherman

Computer Club

  • Computer Club assists in setting up the lab each day, ensuring all devices are powered on and in working order. Additionally, members learn to troubleshoot and resolve any technology issues as needed. Participation in this club fosters leadership and responsibility. Computer Club members also help with the daily video announcements. - Club Sponsor: Mrs. Carson

UIL Ready Writing

  • Contestants are given a choice between two prompts which define the audience and provide the purpose of writing. Students should be encouraged to analyze the prompts for the purpose of writing, the format, the audience and the point of view. The format may be, for example, a letter, an article for the newspaper or an essay for the principal. Various writing strategies may be stated or implied in the prompt. - Club Sponsor: Mrs. Classen

Safety Patrol

  • Fourth grade students help monitor different locations in the morning, including opening doors at parent drop off. - Club Sponsor: Coach Linthicum

UIL Storytelling

  • Contestants in the second and third grade listen to a storyteller read a brief story (between 600 and 1100 words long) only once, and then retell that story in their own words before a judge or judges. - Club Sponsor: Ms. Yunek

UIL Music Memory

  • The focus of the Music Memory contest is an in-depth study of fine pieces of music literature taken from a wide spectrum of music genres to expose students to great composers, their lives and their music. In the course of preparing for the contest, students should be given the opportunity to describe and analyze music, relate the music to history, to society and to culture, and to evaluate musical performance. - Club Sponsor: Mrs. Evans