Kindness Matters Every Day







    Dear Parents,


    Welcome Sippel Stallions! I am very excited to see all the bright and excited faces at Sippel Elementary.  It is a joy meeting and interacting with your children.  I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on the services I provide.


    As a school counselor, I will be available to assist you and your child when their behavior or emotions are affecting their academic and social performance in school. I believe students should feel that school is a safe place.


    Throughout the school year I will visit your children in their classrooms and conduct guidance lessons on various topics to promote their career, educational, personal, and social development. I also provide lunch bunch groups and ongoing small group and individual counseling when needed. Individual and Group counseling sessions are brief in nature (6-8 meeting sessions).


    Referrals to the counselor are through recommendation by the teacher, a parent, or the individual student. Please understand, I am here as a problem solver not as a disciplinarian.


    Once again, I am excited to be here and to be working with you and your children. My office hours are 7:15 am-3:30 pm and you can email me at


    Mission statement: 

    To promote a positive, healthy, and safe environment for all children to learn.