Phone: 210-619-5784


Degrees and Certifications:

5th grade ELA ESL certified

Ms. Adrienne Pineda

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me! I am the joyful mother of two great kids, Elizabeth and Pete. Elizabeth attends Texas Tech University (where I also graduated from) and is a graduate of Samuel Clemens. My son, Pete, is a sophmore at Clemens. I love animals, books, coffee, traveling, and the colors pink and teal! I have two dogs, one named Bella and my new puppy, Diesel. Besides my dogs, I also have a cat named Rogue, and several chickens.  Lastly, I'm passionate about teaching and helping young people grow!

  • Google Classroom Codes FOR PINEDA'S HOMEROOM ONLY

    ELA  Class code: 4nr43rs

    Social Studies  Class code : dcxrlvz

    Math Class code: pfch7ye

    Science Class code : cndkcgk


    Class Codes for PE, TECHNOLOGY, and LIBRARY Required for all students

    PE:  hqfhuf6 

    Technology: 5dw5om2 (not zero) 

    Library: 2rdxa5r 


    Each student will have ONE of the following specials PER A NINE WEEK PERIOD

    Pick the specials class that corresponds with your last name and add that class code to goggle classroom.


    Art Codes (Last Name is A-E): 6e7kp4v


    Band Codes (Last Name is F-L): j67lov6


    Choir Codes (Last Name is M-R): erkvyg3


    Orchestra Codes (Last Name is S-Z): 5i5wbyd

  • 5th Grade Daily Schedule



    1st Period

    7:40 - 8:23

    2nd Period Pineda HR ELA

    8:26 - 9:46

    3rd Period Confrence

    9:49- 11:09


    11:12 – 11:53

    4th Period Benzor HR ELA

    12:00 – 1:22

    5th Period Reynolds HR ELA

    1:25 – 2:50

    1st Dismissal Bell - Bus


    2nd Dismissal Bell – Walkers/Parent Pickup

    After buses leave

    • HOURS

      The instructional school day begins at 7:40 and ends at 2:50  First bell is at 7:30 at which time students will be picked up from the gyms by their homeroom teacher.


      Students may enter the building at 7:00.  They may go to the cafeteria to eat breakfast and/or sit silently in the gym and read. The computer lab will be a privileged option for students after the first week of school. If students do not follow the expectations of the lab, their pass will be collected and they must go to the gym. 

      Students are picked up in the gym by homeroom teachers at 7:30.


      Students who arrive past 7:40 must sign in at the attendance office and receive a tardy slip to be admitted into class.


      Parents may sign students out at the attendance window.  Attendance is taken at 9:30 am daily. Students will be called to meet parents in the foyer of the building. 

      Students are no longer allowed to check out for early dismissal after 2:10.