• 2021-2022 PTC Board Members

    President - Suzanne Carlon

    Vice President - Alexandria Linares

    Treasurer - Alexandrea Hatfield

    Secretary - Stacee Keller

    Volunteer Coordinator - Uchenna Quartey 

    Events Coordinators - Elizabeth Barnhart & Shannel Grizzard

    Hospitality Coordinator

    Campus Representative - Deanne Salazar

    Rewards Coordinator - Caitlyn Ross

  •  What is PTC?

    The PTC is the Parent-Teacher-Club.  Some schools have a PTA or a PTO.  Having a PTC allows us to keep all of our fundraising money here at school for our students.  In addition, there are no membership dues for you, the parent.  You are already a member just by supporting your child or grandchild.

    What does the PTC do?

    PTC members volunteer in and around the school campus.  PTC volunteers in the workroom for teachers, making copies, cutting, preparing, and doing other helpful tasks.  PTC participates at field day, helping the coaches and managing the food booths.  PTC also decorates for various occasions, raises money for special projects for the school and the students, and celebrates teachers and staff on their special day.  PTC also organizes volunteers to help teachers in their classrooms, work in the library, and help in other areas of the school.

    Where is the PTC?

    You will find our PTC Board Members on campus during regular school hours or you can e-mail us.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact one of our volunteer coordinators.

    When are the PTC Meetings?

    We meet once a month for board meetings to discuss upcoming events and to plan these events.  We also talk to parents about our plans and progress at various parent nights throughout the school year.


  • Fundraiser

    The PTC has only one fundraiser per year. We thank you in advance for your support!

    Benefit Nights

    PTC periodically (about once or twice per month) holds a benefit night at a neighborhood restaurant.  So please come by and support your school's PTC.  We generally receive 10-20% of all sales, depending on the restaurant.

    Box Tops

    PTC gets a percentage from every Box Top collected!  You can find a list of items that have a Box Top at www.boxtops4education.com.  

    Parents can send box tops in a plastic bag labeled with student's name and homeroom teacher. PTC will collect bags weekly.

    PTC will select a winning class every month. PreK-2nd grade will have a winning class and 3rd & 4th grade will have a winning class. The winners will be announced the 1st week of the month. Rewards change monthly. Rewards will also be announced the 1st week of the month.

    Rewards Certifications

    PTC is collecting Tyson labels for rewards. Please submit these separate from your child's box tops. These rewards do not count towards class rewards.

  • Criminal History Background Check

    If you choose to volunteer with PTC or in your child's classroom, please stop by the front desk to complete a Criminal History Background Check.  (See sidebar for more information about Criminal Background Checks.)  All volunteers must have one of these on file and updated yearly.  You must also sign in at the front desk when volunteering.

    Important Information

    Look in your child's binder for a monthly PTC newsletter, which will include updates on upcoming events.  You will also find a form to nominate your favorite staff member. 

    Teacher of the Month 

    Each month, you will have the opportunity to nominate a staff member and tell us why. The staff member selected will be recognized and receive a gift card from the PTC. The form will be sent home with your child at the beginning of each month.

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  • Wiedy Gear

    PTC sells Wiedy gear all year long. Order forms are located in the hallway across from the gym. Orders are filled on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the gear will be delivered to your child's teacher. 


    Youth T-Shirts - $12

    Adult T-Shirts - $15 / (2XL)  - $17

    Hair Bows - $10