Morning Routine

  • Arrival 7:30-8:00 am 

    • The school doors open at 7:30 am.
    • Bus riders will be dropped off at the side of the school by the gym.
    • Parent Drop Off Gate Opens at 7:30 am.
    • Parents dropping off their children need to drop them off in the back of the school via the Parent Drop Off line.
    • Bike riders & walkers will park their bike and enter through either the rear of the school or by the outdoor pavillion. 
    • Students needing to eat breakfast will make their way to the cafeteria upon arrival.
    • If not eating breakfast, students will sit quietly in the hallway by their classroom.
    • At 7:45 am, students enter their classroom.
    • The Parent Drop Off Gate CLOSES at 8:05 am. For your child's safety, parents dropping off their child after the gate closes will need to park in the bus loop and escort their child to the door.
    • The FIRST BELL rings at 8:00 am.

    Late Arrival

    • The Tardy Bell rings at 8:10 am.
    • If your child arrives late to school (after 8:10 am), a parent or guardian must escort their child to the front desk and sign him/her in. 
    • Students must be at school by 9:35 am in order to be counted present for the school day.
    • The gate for Parent Drop Off will close at 8:05 am. 
    • If dropping off your child after 8:05 am, please go to the front of the school.


Picking Up Your Child Early

    • If a parent or guardian needs to pick up their child early, they must do it through the front office. 
    • Students will be called to the office to meet their parent.

Afternoon Routine

  • DISMISSAL 3:20


    Parent Pick Up

    • The gate opens around 3:25 pm, once the walkers have been escorted safely across the crosswalk.
    • Students being picked up by parents wait quietly in the gym.
    • Parents must go through the Parent Pick Up line in order to pick up their child.
    • Parent Pick Up runs efficiently and typically takes 20-25 minutes from start to finish.
    • If you arrive late to PPU, you can pick up your child from the front office.

    Walkers / Bike Riders

    • Walkers and students riding bikes need to enter the school grounds on either the Cibolo Valley Drive side or the Bentwood Ranch side.
    • Both gates are open for students.
      • On the Cibolo Valley Drive side, there is bike parking just inside the gate for safe keeping.
        • Students arriving from this side can enter the school through the back door and proceed to their morning destination. (See Daily Schedule)
      • From the Bentwood Ranch side, bikes may be parked under the outdoor pavilion. 
        • Students arriving from this side can enter the school through the door by the portable (next to the pavilion) and proceed to their morning destination.

    Bus Riders & YMCA

    • Bus riders will report to the gym.
    • Students going to Prime Time will report to the cafeteria.


    Early Release 

    • The school day ends at 12:10 on early release days.
    • The parent pick up gate will open around           pm.

Parent Drop Off / Pick Up Map

Parent drop off and pick up map

Keep Our Students Safe!

  • Driving in a School Zone

    • Not only is it important to follow the speed limit in a school zone, it is also the law to not talk or text on your cell phone when driving through a school zone.
    • For the safety of the children, please follow the school zone speed limit, and do not talk or text while driving.
    • NOTE: Talking/texting in a school zone is an offense and can result in being stopped and issued a citation by the Cibolo Police Department.