Ms. Carol Elliott

Phone: 210-945-6501


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Ms. Carol Elliott


Parents, if you have a concern, email me. Please call 210-945-6501 if you wish to make an appointment for a conference with me.  Follow the link below if you would like a copy of my classroom rules. Your student will be required to have you review, sign and date a copy that I will provide.
If you do not have a txConnect account through our district's Parent Connection, please create one now. You can view your student's current grades and attendance records at any time from any computer with an internet connection. I require all of my students to set up their accounts the first week of school. As soon as their accounts are established, they will be required to check their grades and attendance for all of their classes at the beginning of the period. They are much more conscientious about maintaining good grades when they are responsible for monitoring themselves. Thank you for your cooperation!

Daily Schedule

Time of Day Class Period Campus Location Course Taught
8:40-9:30 1st A102 Principles of Information Technology
9:35-10:30 2nd A102 Principles of Arts, Audio and Video Technology & Communications
10:35-11:25 3rd D103 D-Hall supervision
11:30-12:20 4th A102 lunch
12:25-1:15 5th A102 Audio & Video Production
1:20-2:10 6th A102 Clemens Broadcasting Network
2:15-3:05 7th A102 Conference
3:10-4:00 8th A102 Principles of Arts, Audio and Video Technology & Communications

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  • I am available for tutoring by appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school. Please schedule a time with me if you need help with your assignments or if you need time to make up missing work.