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    World Geography

    2018– 2019 Class Syllabus

    Instructor:     Mr. Joel Cromer

    Course:           World Geography

    Classroom: B237

    Conference:  3rd Period


    Remind Code: @3cbhh7






                    1st per. Geography rm B237 

                  2nd per. Geography rm b237 

                  3rd per. Conference 

                  4th per. Geography rm B237  

                  5th per. Athletics

                  6th per. Lunch

                  7th per. Geography  rm B237 

                  8th per. Athletics  Field House



    Course Overview:

    The overview of this course will be to explore the world through the the 5 themes of geography.

    These themes; location of a place, character of a place, how people, goods and ideas move between places and how people interact with the natural environment of a place will give the student a global perspective of our ever-changing world.  We will challenge the student to think in complex ways and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to perplexing unknowns.



    Required Material:

    Spiral notebook or Journal and Folder to keep all Hand-outs and returned work (stays in class room)

    Writing utensils – Pens, pencils and map pencils.  The student is responsible for being prepared for class.  Pens, pencils and paper are not provided.

    Class Rules:

    1.     Tardy Policy – Be on Time!  School policy will be followed for consequences.

    2.     Come to class prepared – Bring required materials every day!

    3.     Be courteous – Respect everyone’s space and opinions

    4.     Bring a positive attitude

    5.     Keep the class room clean and neat

    6.     All others outlined in student handbook 

    Grading Policy:


    50% Daily Grades/Formative(home work, quizzes, class work)

    50% Test/Summative Grades



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