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  • Welcome to the Physical Education Department’s Webpage here at Cibolo Valley Elementary School. Our goal is to provide each student with instruction that will help them develop the physical, cognitive, and social skills needed to lead a physically active and healthy lifestyle. By creating a comfortable, yet challenging environment, we encourage the students to apply the knowledge and skills learned to their daily routine.

    Our curriculum consists of a vast array of activities that include the needs of all our students. The majority of our units will be devoted to teamwork and cooperation. Students will also be exposed to various units that build upon their locomotor and manipulative skills, as well as lifetime fitness activities.  As much as possible, we will align each activity/unit with the appropriate state standards.


    Click here for the Beginning of Year letter that outlines some of the expectations that we have for P.E.  If you are doing "in person" learning, you will recieve a paper copy the first week of school.  If you are "at home", you may click here.

    Beginning of Year Letter


    If you need the class code for our 2020-2021 school year, please copy the appropriate code below and add to your Google Classroom.


    Kinder: bg4rplb


    First-grade: p6aqrhm


    Second-grade: z7zjrcc


    Third-grade: qvshlsb


    Fourth-grade: rcqyjl7



    If you're looking for the Holiday Fitness Challenge, here it is!!!


    Holiday Fitness Challenge

    You can view/print the document here, follow the directions at the top, and turn in the document several ways.  

    Turning it in.  All Holiday Fitness Challenge's will be accepted if turned in the week we return which is January 5 to 8.  You may print it and turn it in, download it and turn in an electronic copy through email at, or you may complete it and take a picture and send the picture through ClassDojo.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  


    If you have any questions, please email me at or


    Campus Mission Statement

    Every Kid. Every Day.  Everywhere

    Campus Vision Statement

    We believe in engaging and empowering successful and lifelong learners.

    PE Mission Statement

    Provide a safe and fun learning environment to help prepare students for an active and healthy lifestyle.


    You will see an image for the Cooperative Learning Standards that we expect from our students.  This allows the highest level of opportunity to learn when following these standards.


    Push Up Test - YouTube

    Curl Up Test - YouTube

    Trunk Lift Test - YouTube

Cooperative Learning Standards.jpg