General Information - Room Q226

  • On-line books are available.  ClassLink is located on the district webpage page.  The textbook app that needs to be uploaded is ConnectED.  NOTE: You must use Google Chrome to connect. 

    Your sign-in name will be and email address, which is your last name + first two initials of your first name + the last three numbers of your student ID and  Your password is the first two initials of your first name + your entire ID number (make sure to include the first zero).  Directions for Textook Access

    Copies of power points and videos are available on Mr. Christen's website.  Click here for a direct link. 

    Tutoring:  Walk-ins are welcome mornings  and afternoons if the teacher is free.  Appointments are recommended; speak with the teacher to schedule an appointment.

    Mrs. Vann's conference time is 1st period (8:40-9:30am).  Please email if you have any questions.

      Washington vs. DuBois




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