Mrs. Rodriguez                                                                                                                                               

    Mrs. Rodriguez (formerly Ms. Burnam)  received her BM in music education and her Masters in teaching from Trinity University.                

    She received her Orff Certification from Trinity University as well.                                                                 

    This is her 6th year at Cibolo Valley Elementary School.                                                                              


    Contact Information:                                                                                                                                





    In Person Schedule:
    Monday Schedule:                          Tuesday Schedule: 
    7:30-8:05- Kinder hallway                 7:30-8:05- First Grade Hallway
    8:05-9:00- Kindergarten                   8:05-9:00- First Grade
    9:10-10:05- Conference                    9:10-10:05- Kinder 
    10:10-11:05- First Grade                  10:10-11:05- Conference
    11:10-12:05- Second Grade              11:10-12:05- Second Grade
    12:10-12:40-Lunch                           12:10-12:35-Lunch 
    12:45-1:40- Third Grade                  12:45-1:40- Third Grade  
    1:45-2:40- Fourth Grade                  1:45-2:40- Fourth Grade 
    Wednesday Schedule:                       Thursday Schedule:  
    7:30-8:05- Second Grade Hallway        7:30-8:05- Third Grade Hallway
    8:05-9:00- Second Grade                    8:05-9:00- Third Grade
    9:10-10:05- Kinder                             9:10-10:05- Kinder 
    10:10-11:05- First Grade                     10:10-11:05- First Grade  
    11:10-12:05- Conference                    11:10-12:05- Second Grade 
    12:10-12:35-Lunch                             12:10-12:35-Lunch 
    12:45-1:40- Third Grade                       12:45-1:40- Conference
    1:45-2:40- Fourth Grade                     1:45-2:40- Fourth Grade
    Friday Schedule: 
    7:30-8:05- Fourth Grade Hallway
    8:05-9:00- Fourth Grade
    9:05-9:40- Kinder 
    9:45-10:20- First Grade
    10:25-11:00- Second Grade 
    11:05-11:40- Third Grade
    11:45-12:20- Conference


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  •  Ms. Franz

     Ms. Franz studied Music Education at Texas State University. 

     She has continued her music education outside of the classroom and has obtained a Kodaly Certification.

     This is her 4th year at Cibolo Valley Elementary School. 


     Contact Information: