Welcome to Mrs. Windham's Website!

  • Welcome to my website!  My mission is to share my passion for food, wellness and cooking with you, and hopefully get you excited about college and career opportunities in food and nutrition.  Here you will find information about my classes and other helpful resources. See you in the classroom!


    Class Schedule:  

    1st Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness

    2nd Food Science

    3rd Food Science

    4th Conference

    5th Lunch & Duty

    6th Intro to Culinary Arts

    7th Intro to Culinary Arts

    8th Intro to Culinary Arts

    Tutoring Information:

    I am available for tutoring on Mondays before or after school, or by appointment.  Feel free to email me anytime with questions or concerns.

    Class Supplies:

    Please have pens, pencils, and a class folder every day.  I have a place in the classroom to keep folders so they are accessible and not lost!  I will provide most materials for class, however, there may be some items requested for projects and I will keep those to a minimum.  Donations of paper and plastic items for labs are greatly appreciated...we go through a lot of paper plates, paper towels, plastic cups, spoons and forks!

    Remind:  Nutrition: @gc4f7k; Food Science: @9df88b; Intro Culinary:  @97g4c8e

     *Sign up for Google Classroom for my courses to access class materials and information as updated.  






     Class Codes:

    1st dg8c2q

    2nd ha9msj

    3rd yidkubz

    6th pqv9nhv

    7th i0sks8

    8th jjdpulu







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