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  • Parents and Students:

    Welcome Steele Knights!

    Our start to the 2020-2021 school year is like no other; however, we can certainly adapt and concur many obstacles along the way. Together we can persevere by being positive, flexible, dedicated, and doing our best! I look forward to getting to know each of you whether it will be virtual or in person and anticipate us having a great year regardless of our given situtation. 

    Below you will find important resources that are necessary for remote learning and beyond when we meet face to face. 

    2020-2021 REMIND 101 (Students only) 

    Once you receive your class schedule, be sure to sign up in order to receive messages and reminders by texting 81010 and use the class code below. This is a tool to assist you with organization and deadlines; however, you are still responsible for knowing what is required in class. 

    2020-2021 Honors English-@8k2gg97

    Parent contact should be conducted through email due to limited space in Remind.

    I can be reached at sledford@scuc.txed.net 



    Students: Be sure you have joined the appropriate class period. YOU MUST USE YOUR GOOGLE SCHOOL ACCOUNT TO LOG IN!

    User Name: Last name (up to 13 letters) + First 2 Letters of First Name + Last 3 digits of ID#

    Password: First 2 Letters of First Name + 6 digit ID# (including zero)

    1st - Honors English 2 - 6peu3bu

    3rd - Honors English 2 - guypul4

    4th - Honors English 2 - y4vh7d6

    5th - Honors English 2 - jjmn3ie

    7th - Honors English 2 - dgxik57

    8th - Honors English 2 - g5keurn


    Remote Zoom Tutorials will be available from August 13th-September 4th.

    10:15-11:45AM-Periods 1,3 & 4

    2:00-3:30PM-Periods 5,7, & 8



    You will find the enrollment key and class code on "My links" page. Please be sure to join the appropriate class period by following the directions.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































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