Welcome to Mathematics with Mr. Frasch - Basic Algebra I & II + Basic Geometry + Basic Math Mode

  • Hello and welcome to our classroom. My name is Mr. Frasch. I am looking forward to an exciting learning experience with you. I have many activities planned that include an emphasis on hands-on learning and exploring the everyday uses of mathematics. You may reach me at any time through email at: cfrasch@scuc.txed.net or by calling the front office at 210.619.4000. I teach Basic Algebra I & II, Basic Geometry, and Basic Math Models. Additionally, I provide in-class support for general education Algebra I & II classes and act as a mentor teacher for some of our students. Let us make this a successful year for everyone.

    Our Basic Math Mission Statement: We will master the state of Texas’s math objectives in a challenging environment. We will work to develop our mathematical skills and thinking. We will always show effort to achieve our goals.

    Mr. Frasch’s Schedule

    Room #

    Time when on Regular Schedule


                 Classroom Responsibilities

    1.       Be Respectful.

    2.       Be on Time.

    3.       Be Prepared.

    4.       Be Kind and Courteous.

    5.       Be Positive.

    6.       Be Responsible.


    Above all each student is expected to be honest, respectful and responsible for their actions. Don’t forget, you are responsible for your own learning.

    1st Algebra 1 Support w/ Ms. Hansen


    8:40 — 9:30

    2nd Algebra 1 Support w/ Ms. Hansen


    9:35 — 10:30

    3rd Conference


    10:35 — 11:25

    4th Lunch/Advisory


    11:30 — 12:20

    6th Basic Geometry/Math Models


    12:25 — 1:15

    6th Basic Algebra I & II


    1:20 — 2:10

    3rd Algebra II Support w/ Mrs. J. Brown


    2:15 —3:05

    3rd Algebra II Support w/ Mrs. J. Brown


    3:10 —4:00



    Supply List

    -         1 Spiral Notebook

    -         1 folder with pockets and Brads

    -         Required to have daily:   Binder/Folder to keep papers, spiral, notebook paper, pencil, red grading pen

    Checking Grades

    Once you gain access txConnect, grades can be checked anytime. All you have to do is set up an account for your child. You will also be able to get the gradebook app for your phone.

    Grading Policy

    Nine weeks grade:                                                                        Semester Grade:

    Tests                                        50%                                                        Two nine weeks averaged                80%

    Homework/Classwork/Quizzes    50%                                                        Semester exam                              20%

    Homework/Late Work

    • Assigned almost daily.
    • Not every assignment will not be graded.
    • Late work is due no later than 5 days after the original due date for a max grade of a 70.
    • Late work will not be accepted without a parent signed late work form.
    • Homework may be turned in early for 5 bonus points added to the assignment “Early Bird Special.”


    I offer tutoring on the following mornings and afternoons. Other times can be prearranged. If you come to tutoring please be prepared.

    How to prepare for tutoring:

    1.       Have as much completed on your own before you arrive.

    2.       Come with a list of specific questions.

    3.       Be a responsible learner.


    Mr. Frasch’s Tutoring Schedule

















    • All Quizzes are open note.
    • To ReQuiz a failed quiz, come to tutoring with the original quiz so a different version of the quiz can be taken.
    • You will not be able to reQuiz without the original quiz with you at the time of tutoring.
    • No notes are allowed on the reQuiz… SO STUDY! The best way to study for math is practice.   

    Restroom Privileges

    • No one may go to the restroom the first 10 minutes of class or the last 10 minutes of class.
    • No one may go to the restroom during direct teach.
    • Restroom privileges may be taken away due to behavioral issues.


    • Check my website for completed notes and assignments.
    • Blank notes and homework can also be picked up in the absent work bin located in the classroom.
    • It is a student’s responsibility to get absent work and turn it in no later than 5 days from the original due date.
    • Absent work must be turned in with an absent work form.

    Conference & Contact

    3rd period from 10:35- 11:25 you may reach me at any time through email at: cfrasch@scuc.txed.net or by calling the front office at 210.619.4000.


    Creating Motivated, Successful Learners.



    Mr. Frasch

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