CTE Teacher - Computer Science


    Hi and welcome to my class web page.  I am a graduate of Texas A & M Kingsville, where I earned my BBA degree in Computer Information Systems.  I have been teaching for 14 years and this is my fourth year here at Byron P. Steele II High School.


    Welcome to Mr. Cyr's Web Page


    Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year here at Steel High School!  I am looking forward to a successful and productive year with all of you.

    My class will provide a well-balanced curriculum consistent with state, district, and campus policies and procedures, to help you succeed in completing your CTE classes as well as prepare you for the real world.  However, I cannot do it alone.  I will need your help and support.  You will need to actively participate in class, and complete all assignments in a timely manner. 


                                                  "Life is not a spectator sport..." - Jackie Robinson


    The speediest and most reliable way to communicate with me for all your needs is by e-mail:  scyr@scuc.txed.net


    2020-2021 Class Schedule

    1st (8:40-9:25am)  Entrepreneurship  

    2nd (9:30-10:15am)  Entrepreneurship   

    3rd (10:20-11:05am)  AP Computer Science Principles   

    4th (11:10-11:55am)  AP Computer Science A  

    5th (12:00-12:45am)  Lunch (No Zoom) 

    6th (12:50-1:35am)  Computer Science 1   

                                    Computer Science 2   

    7th (1:40-2:25am)  Conference (Zoom by Appointment)

    Knight Time (2:25-3:10) (Zoom by Appointment)

    8th (3:15-4:00am)  Computer Science 1  


    Tutoring On Wednesdays Before (8:05 - 8:35 am) & After (4:05 - 4:35 pm) School

    (Tutoring for both in-person & Online.  Online will use the same daily tutoring zoom link posted in Google Classroom.)


    Zoom Online Meeting Links(*** NOTICE UPDATED 9-4-2020 ***)


    I will be available for Zoom meetings during the last 15 minuites of each class period every weekday.  You may come to any zoom meeting for any class question you may have about your classwork.  Parents and students that need a private meeting, please contact me.  Zoom Codes will be posted in Schoology Classroom


     * Any cancelations due to an Emergency Meeting or if I am out for the day, will be posted in the Schoology Classroom.

     ** If using your phone you will need to download Zoom application from App Store or Google Play.


    My Class Remind Codes

    Entrepreneurship - Remind Code (Periods 1/2)

    Text: @8e36cg to 81010

    AP Computer Science Principles - Remind Code (Period 3)

    Text: @7cfah89 to 81010

    AP Computer Science A - Remind Code (Period 4)

    Text: @g9b8ha to 81010

    Computer Science 1 -  Remind Code (Period 6/8)

    Text: @4b7be4 to 81010

    Computer Science 2 -  Remind Code (Period 6)

    Text: @dhe34k to 81010

    UIL Computer Science Team -  Remind Code 

    Text: @2gf4ga to 81010