Success Stories

  • “Without the family I found at ALSELC I would have been lost finding my way through the rest of high school.  Without them, I don't know if I'd be where I am today: getting my second degree!”

    Wesley Austen Radcliff, Class of 2003


    “I was so close to giving up. I really didn't think I'd make it past junior year. Once I stepped through those glass accented doors at Allison Steele, I knew there was still a chance. The great teachers saw us as humans, not as just another student, as people.”  

    Jon Lauer, Class of 2010


    “Allison Steele is like a second home, not only to me but many other students. The teachers truly care about you, and help you succeed no matter what it takes. They saw ability in me when I didn’t see it in myself.”  

    Laura Boyd, Class of 2011


    “Today I graduated from college! I was so ready to drop out of high school, then Allison Steele came into my life. I can honestly say they are the reason I am now a certified medical coder for the state of Texas! Thank you for standing beside us, for pushing us.  My children and I thank you for giving us our future.”

     Misty Mitchell, Class of 2000


    “I was able to finish high school in a non judgemental environment, with endless support during and after school hours from my teachers.  The small class setting was great for thorough explanation of materials.  Allison Steele is forever in my heart and I hope their mission continues to change lives.”

    Ruthi Martin


    “I met a staff of loving, caring and welcoming people who not only listened and guided me, but truly cared and were there through so many ups and downs. They not only worried about test scores but cared for me as a person. I had the support I’d never had before; I was pushed and finally had my opportunity to succeed.”  

    Marissa Flores, Class of 2011       

    “I was always off task and couldn't stay focused in high school.  One day, I decided that I wanted to graduate. I had failed my junior year and was getting in a lot of trouble.  The staff at Allison gave me an opportunity and I took full advantage of it. Look at me now! I'm a fulltime college student at St.Phillp’s Community College, studying for my Culinary degree.”

    Slater Young, Class of 2011