Allison Steele: The School

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    Allison L. Steele – The School


    Allison Steele is the non-traditional high school for the Schertz Cibolo Universal City ISD.

    Based on an accelerated model, our students work at their own pace to earn their credits.  The majority of our students follow the state-recommended curriculum, which consists of 26 credits. In a case by case basis, a student may follow the minimum required curriculum consisting of 22 credits.

    Allison Steele is not a discipline center.  Excellent behavior and attendance are required for students to succeed.  At Allison, students attend for a minimum of four hours a day, Monday thru Friday, and they are assigned to the morning or afternoon session.  All work is self-paced and completed at school under the guidance of a highly qualified teacher. The teacher-student ratio is small allowing for close interaction between the students and the teacher.

    In order to protect our program, we ask that students attend regularly, on time, and be ready to work.

    At Allison Steele we do not have sports, extra-curricular activities, or clubs.  Our students attend for the benefit of completing their credits promptly and without distractions. 

    Although we don’t have sports, we do provide opportunities for students to participate in other activities such as intramural basketball, culinary competitions, and student-led festivities.