Google Classroom Codes



    2nd period: qln3cdr                                                               

    3rd period: d7gnzmk                                                            

    4th period: jcjovh5                                                                

    5th period: qkkdhwq                                                             

    6th period: 6gc7zx2                                                               

    7th period: p2yenik         


    To access these resources on google classroom make sure you are signed in to your SCUC email address.  Use the following example if you are unsure...

    • Username:  last name, first two letters of first name, last 3 of ID# and add @scuc.txed.net

    • Password:  first two letters of first name, entire ID# with the leading zero

    • Example:  Steve Jobs  012345

                Username:  jobsst345@scuc.txed.net               Password:  st012345


    Google Voice # 210-816-3653 

    Use this number to TEXT or call me. 


    Office Hours: via ZOOM upon request


    SCUC Student Digital Resources



    Welcome to beginning art class! I look forward to a fun and creative year with you. Art is a powerful language that ignites imagination and helps to acquire critical thinking and communication skills. We will study perception (art criticism), creative expression/performance (production), historical and cultural heritage (art history), and response/ evaluation (assessment).

    About the Teacher:

    My name is Ms.Tharp and this is my 12th year teaching. I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography. I'm very excited to be at Corbett Junior High and I can't wait to meet all of you. WELCOME BACK!

    My Schedule:

    1st Period Conference 8:10-9:05
    2nd Period Art 1 (8th grade) 9:09-9:57
    3rd Period Art 7 10:01- 10:49
    4th Period

    Art 1 10:53- 11:31

    Lunch 11:31- 12:04

    Art 1 12:07- 12:22

    Pride 12:22- 12:42

    5th Period Art 7 12:46- 1:34
    6th Period Art 7 1:38- 2:26
    7th Period Art 1 2:30- 3:20 



    Follow me on Twitter @MsTharp or Instagram @corbett_art 


    Texas Art Education Association


    TAEA Mission

    To promote quality visual arts education in Texas by promoting visual
    arts education as an integral part of the curriculum through professional development of knowledge and skills, representation of the art educators of Texas, service and leadership opportunities, and research and development of policies and decisions relative to practices and directions in visual arts education; to sustain and advance professional development; to encourage and promote the advancement of knowledge and skills.

    The Texas Art Education Association believes:

    • The visual arts are essential at all levels of human development.
    • The visual arts are sensitive to learning styles and multiple
      intelligences: all students are capable.
    • The visual arts develop critical and creative thinkers.
    • Visual literacy and self-expression in the visual arts are vital
      forms of communication in our global society.
    • Quality visual arts education requires instruction by professional
      certified art educators.
    • Continuous professional development is necessary for quality
    • Active support of research and development in visual arts
      education is essential.
    • Promotion and implementation of quality visual arts education
      through communication with students, parents, school
      administrators and community leaders.



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