Coding and Robotics - Room B117


        Welcome to Mr. Rodriguez's Website.


    "Give a Person a Fish, Feed them For a Day.

    Teach a Person to Fish, Feed them For a Lifetime"


                                                                                              Lao Tzu   




     Welcome to my website.  I will be teaching 2 classes this year, Coding and Robotics.  Coding will be offered 1st semester and Robotics will be the 2nd semester for 7th grade.  Robotics will be offered the 1st semester and Coding will be offered the 2nd semester for 8th grade.


    I am also the Robotics Club Sponcer.



    I look forward to a great new year.                                       

    Thank you,


    Mr. Rodriguez              


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    If you have any questions, feel free to email me at


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