PTC Parent Teacher Club





    Executive Board


    President: Gayla W. D. Wilson


    Vice President: Laverne Lamb


    Secretary: Jennifer Dydasco


    Social Secretary: Michelle Gilmer


    Treasurer: Tamara Sund


    Auditor: Salena Mann


    Volunteer Coordinator: Cheryl Jones


    The Next Meeting

    January 13, 2020


    Schertz Library 


    Volunteers - Please note 

    All volunteers need to complete a yearly background check with the School district. Please visit the Corbett Homepage and see the Additional Resources section at the bottom. Click on the “Background Check” area and complete the required information. Once complete and submitted, it will take about 7-10 days to be returned. Please plan accordingly.




    How to Contact Us



    FB: https://

    Remind @corbettpt


    What’s a PTC?


    Parent Teacher Club or PTC is similar to a PTA or PTO but with a few differences. Every PTC is independent, which means each PTC is able to respond to the needs of its own campus. It also means every penny earned in our fundraiser stays here at our school. Additionally, there are no dues, no required volunteer hours or anything else.  


    What does Corbett PTC do?


    The Corbett PTC strives to unify, motivate and inspire each student, teacher and parent. We want to enhance the educational opportunities available to students by sponsoring culture events or by supplementing the school's equipment budget or by simply involving more parents in the decision process. Every parent, teacher, volunteers and community partners can build upon our ideas and make each and make each year a success. It is the hope that Ray D. Corbett Jr. High School PTC will be a great benefit to the school as a whole and be recognized as an organization that truly cares and works collectively toward the same goal: quality education for our children.

    How do I find out what’s going on with Corbett PTC?

    Please visit our Facebook page, Corbett Junior High School PTC (https:// which is frequently updated with the most recent events and upcoming activities. You can connect with us on Facebook or attend a monthly meeting. Meeting dates for the 2019-2020 school year will be posted at the beginning of the school year.





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