Peer Mediation

  • Peer Mediation Group
    Ms. Nañez

    Corbett’s Peer Mediation is a service that students can use to resolve conflicts with other students.  It is a student lead program with a Teacher present for all mediations. Students will review the importance of confidentiality at the beginning of each session.  Teachers and Students may refer for Peer Mediation.  Peer Mediation is currently conducted during 1st period only.  Conflicts that can be mediated at school are:
    • Relationship difficulties, arguments, disputes
    • Rumors and gossip
    • Name calling
    • Falling out between friends
    • Feeling that others are picking on or teasing you
    • Racial or cultural confrontation
    Please submit an online referral and we will schedule your mediation session as soon as possible.  Remember to keep calm and choose mediationJ