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    7th Grade Art

    Art I Survey 8th Grade



    Course Content

    The Elements and Principles of Art, Art Criticism, Drawing, Painting, Digital Graphics, Sculpture, Ceramics, Printmaking, Art History, and Multicultural Art.


    Please note that 8th graders ART I Survey is a HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT COURSE! 

    8th Gr. High School Credit

    Art I Survey is a full year course. Students will earn 1 Fine Arts Credit (necessary for graduation) upon completing this course. Therefore, student expectations & product will be set as same standards as our high school students in Art I at both Steele & Clemens HS.

    Students will explore mediums such as: 2-D (pencil, charcoal, pastels, paint, electronic media) & 3-D (sculpture, weaving & fiber art). All artwork will be created during class time.

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    It is very important to the quality of our students' artwork that they have ALL supplies necessary for class on a regular basis.


    Will use EVERYDAY!!                                            

    • #2 Pencils (NOT mechanical)                                                                                                       
    • 12 pk. Colored pencils (Prisma or any brand)                                          
    • Compostition book OR spiral sketchbook-most important!!!!                                                  
    Students will have a place to store supplies in my classroom if they want. 
    Please LABEL all supplies with students name in case get placed in the wrong class period area. 
    **Optional supplies students may purchase for their own persoanl use throughout the year, for example; sharpies, ruler, pencil sharpener, magazines, etc depending on the project.