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    Week 2 March 30- April3 

    7th Grade Art:

    #1 Interactive Drawing:  Using simple ideas, draw out 3 different drawings. using a small drawing along with something around the house (pencil, book, phone, etc.) and make the drawing go together with your household item

    8th Grade Art:

    #1 Drawing parts of the  face: Watch the YouTube videos provided and practice drawing parts of the face




    Week 1 March 23-March27

    7th Grade Art:

    #1 March Drawing Challenge: Pick 5 topics from the list and draw them out-it can be all on one peice of paper or on seperate pieces of paper.

    #2 Graffiti Name: Create your FIRST name using a unique font/style and ADD COLOR to create a fun graffiti style name


    8th Grade Art:

    #1 March Drawing Challenge: Pick 5 topics from the list and draw them out-it can be all on one piece of paper or on 5 seperate papers.

    #2 Mandala: Create a radial balance desgin starting in the center and keep going out while getting bigger with your desing/pattern. Have a COLOR backgroud with what you have at home; color pencil, markers, watercolor, etc.