Any way you add it up.....MATH COUNTS!!

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    8th Grade Math:  Send a text to:  81010

                                 Text this message:  @rhecox


    Algebra:  Send a text to:   81010

                    Text this message:  @6khk69e   (That is the number nine, not the letter g)


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    Enter teacher code:    264708

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    Vision Statement:

    The Dobie Jr. High Math Department will encourage and challenge students to achieve their highest mathematical potential in both academic and real world contexts.
    Dobie Math Department Goal:
    By the end of the 2019-2020 school year, 100% of the 7th and 8th grade math students will meet or exceed state standards for their grade level.
    Mrs. Hecox's Daily Schedule





    8:10 – 8:58

    Math 8 


    9:03 – 9:51

    Honors Algebra


    9:56 – 10:44

    Math 8


    10:49 - 11:37

    Honors Algebra


    11:42 - 12:30

    Math 8


    12:30 - 1:00



    1:05 - 1:53

    Math 8


    1:58 - 2:28





    Homework:  Homework is assigned daily to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class. Completion is required and assignments are due at the beginning of class each day.  All assignments must be completed in pencil and work must be shown.  Assignments without work shown will not receive credit.  

    Students are expected to act responsibly by not abusing the handbook late work policy.  Turning in late work should be an exception and not a habit.  


    Tutoring is available after school on Tuesday from 3:45-4:15 and on Friday mornings before school in the library from 7:45-8:05.  Students may see teacher to make arrangements for additional tutoring times.  Students should make an appointment to ensure teacher availability. Pick up arrangements need to be documented to ensure student safety.


    Grading Procedures:  
    8th Grade Algebra and 8th Grade Math
    Homework/Quizzes - 50%
    Tests/ Projects - 50%
    The following supplies must be brought to class on a daily basis:
    #2 Pencils
    RED Pens
    Notebook Paper
    Graph Paper
    Folder or Binder
    Glue Stick
    Dry Erase EXPO Markers Box of 4 Count (For STUDENT use only; NOT for teacher use!)
    Large spiral notebook designated for Algebra/Math notes only (Cannot be used for other subjects.)
    *Kleenex tissue and hand sanitizer would be GREATLY appreciated!!!




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