7th Grade Texas History - Welcome to the past.

  • Dobie Junior High logo Thank you to all my students and their guardians for your patience during this time of unexpected school closures.  The first priority for everyone is continued health.  Please take care of yourself and your family first.  In preparation for a transition to remote learning, please log in to join my Google Classroom.  I have two classrooms, one for on level students, and one for honors students.  Please log into the appropriate page.   I will be using Google Classroom for remote learning.


    Online Information

    We will be meeting on August 13 in Zoom so we can introduce ourselves.  Your class will have a designated time to log into Zoom.  Please visit Google Classroom for more information.

    1st Period 8:10-8:20

    3rd Period 8:30-8:40

    4th Period 8:50-9:00

    5t Period 2:00-2:10

    6th Period 2:20-2:30

    7th Period 2:40-2:50



    Ms. Jordiin's Welcome to Class

    My name is Julie Jordiin.  I teach 7th grade Texas history.  My class schedule is:

    1st Period - Honors 


    2nd Period - Conference



    3rd Period - Honors 

    4th Period - On Level 


    5th Period - Honors 


    6th Period - On Level 


    7th Period - On level   






                This is a minimal list of supplies your child will need in my class:

    1 pocket folder paper (with brads)

    1 composition notebook to be left in classroom

    Pens, Pencils, Paper (on a daily basis) (pencils and paper will not be provided by the teacher)

    Personal Pencil Sharpener

    1 small box of colored pencils

    1 box of Kleenex tissue*

    Hand Sanitizer*                

    *(graciously donated)




    If you would like to e-mail me I am available at: jjordiin@scuc.txed.net