Mrs. Salinas

About Mrs. Salinas

Phone: 210 619-4710


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Education Masters in School Counseling

Susan Salinas

My passion for supporting students is my focus for each school year. I firmly believe that when a student is not socially and emotionally prepared learning will be hindered. It is my goal to help students and their families feel safe, connected and cared for at CVE.


Dear Parents,

As we know, this school year is like no other we have experienced. I am here to support your children at school and at home. As a school counselor I will be able to assist your student with their social and emotional needs, so that they can be ready to learn each day.

I will have the priviledge to work with all students through class guidance lessons. I offer various types of small group counseling, lunch bunch meetings, individual counseling and support school wide activities to encourage our Tiger traits. For now, class guidance and individual counseling sessions will be available. If you are learning from home, please make sure to accept my invitiation for my at home Counseling Center. On this site your child will have access to all of the counseling support students have on campus. Small group counseling and lunch bunch groups will be evaluated after the first 9 weeks.

Referrals to the counselor are based on individual needs, teacher, parent, and admin referrals. Please understand that my role on campus is an encourager and problem solver. I am not a disciplinarian.