• Greetings,

    I am excited to share this new school year with you. It will be different from any other year and together we will get through it. All my contact information will be on this page along with other important updates. Please be sure to visit this page often and take some time to look at all the links on my website.

  • Email: etoney@scuc.txed.net

    School number: 210-619-4200

    Google voice number: 210-802-5593

  • Below are the Google Classroom Codes. You will need to go into Google Classroom, click the plus sign, then click "join class," and enter the code


    Toney ELA     nwro57e

    Suter ELA      shdhyis

    Dennis ELA    wlpbvhw

  • How to log in to your classlink:

    User name: Your last name + the first two letters of your first name + the last three numbers of your ID (lunch) number @scuc.txed.net

    Password: First two letters of your first name and your whole ID (lunch) number including the zero


    Here is the link to make it easy: