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    • Birdwell LA Honors: qaodwck
    • Birdwell LA: jhnfjhd

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    • Email:
    • Text or Call: (210) 504-7873

    Tutoring Hours

    • Times where I can visit with parents and students by email, through a Zoom meeting, or by phone
    • Morning Tutoring: 10:00-11:30 (M, T, Th, F)
      • Wednesday is the LA department planning time - not available
    • Afternoon Tutoring: 2:00-3:30 (M-F) 

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    Class Schedule for Diane Birdwell


    7:30-7:35            Prepare for the day                

    7:40                     Tardy Bell              

    7:40                     Morning Announcements

    7:45-9:18            1st period Language Arts

    9:23-10:56          2nd period Language Arts

    11:01-12:32        3rd period Language Arts

    12:37-1:07          Lunch (C)

    1:17-2:50            4th period PLC

    2:55                     Dismissal - Yellow Wing Bus Riders

    2:55                     Dismissal - Bike Riders

    3:00                     Dismissal - Green Wing Bus Riders

    3:05                     Dismissal - Walkers/YMCA/Car Riders



    Please sign your child's planner over the weekend in the Saturday box.  We will be checking for your signature on Monday morning.  Also, your child needs to keep all graded papers in the correct subject folders.  Please don't throw away papers until the end of the 9 weeks.