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    Update April 7, 2020
    Please make sure you student is signed in to Google Classroom and Art class then I am able to invite parents and guardians.
    They use the same login as with Technology class and join Art with this code: 4tjy4pg.
    Logging in before your students joins the class will block you from entering. 
    Art "pipples," I am missing creating art with you but we can do this! 
    I am here to help you continue your art experiences. If you're in the creating mood, there Art Contests and links to museums, "how-tos," and art games
    on the Stuff to Do page.
    Check it out!
    Stay Creative!
    Art is cool!!!! 

                                                     REMOTE INSTRUCTION
    Beginning March 25, 2020 Art students will join a Schlather Intermediate Art Google Classroom to complete a weekly activity. 
    During remote instruction, please email questions for me to this address
    I have no access to phone messages from home. My classroom phone does not have an independent line out.
    The first activity will be posted Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 8:00am, and is due Sunday, March 29, 2020 by 11:59 pm.
    There after, activities will be posted at 8am on Mondays and due by 11:59pm the following Sunday. Administration is working on informational documents to share soon.
    Paper copies of assignments are available to those not having any electronic device. March 25, papers will be available for pick up. They are due back the following Monday when the next week's papers will be available.
    The codes to join your Google Classroom are:
    5th grade Google Classroom code is hbcriks - There are two activities: one music-oriented and one Art. Students select one to experience and return each week. They are also welcome to do both!
    6th grade Google Classroom code is 4tyj4pg - The first activity is a survey checklist to show me what media and tools each student has access to use at home.
    Our active school day is 8am to 4pm weekdays. We will be at our emails to answer questions. All of us have designated meetings times. Mine are currently Tuesday and Wednesday, noon to 2pm.
    Library news: Mrs. Jader created a Google Classroom for all students to access online books and data bases. The code is: ep6esq6.

     Everyday is a great day for art!
    Welcome to the Schlather Art Studio homepage!
    I am Dru Wilson, Art Teacher.(You'll see Christina Wilson on your grades; that's my first name, I go by my middle name.)
    Learning Art is a hands-on process of exploring, experimenting, and practicing. Students are given opportunities to use the Elements of Art - line, shape, color, value, form, texture, and space- and apply the Principles of Design - balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, and unity - to create their own expressions of art. We experience a variety of media; and work with artist tools. Be sure to look at the Recyclables page for items we collect to use in creation.
         Student art work is displayed on the hallway walls all over the school throughout the year. In the Spring we have art displayed for the Celebrate the Arts, the District Fine Arts presentations, and at Schlather for the Family Fun Night.
    Art, for creative expression.
    These are the goals of the Schlather Art Studio;
    Our life-long mission
    to explore media, history, and cultures;
    to seek out new skills, thinking, and problem-solving;
    to boldly create like we've never created before!
    (Read dramatically in the tone of the introduction to the Star Trek old TV show!)

    2019/2020 Schedule


    Grade/Class time period  

    PLC/Department meeting

    7:40-8:23 1


    Art 5

    Art 5






    Art 5

    Art 6






    Art 6

    Lunch/ conference

    Art 6









    Art 6

    Art 6








    To develop a complete mind,
    study the science of art,
    study the art of science.
    Learn how to see.
    Realize that everything connects to everything else.
    -Leonardo daVinci
    Ancara Imparo
    (I am still learning)
    -Michelangelo Buonarroti at age 82