Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year here at Schlather Intermidiate School!

My name is Alexander Sutherlin and I'm your Orchestra and Assistant Band Director!

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail 

Or you can call my office directly at (210) 619-4319

Mr. Sutherlin's Orchestra Class Wishlist

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2019-2020 Orchestra Supply List

***Please stay tuned to the Calendar below for more info on dates!*** 

Class Period Time Subject
1 7:40am - 8:23am PLC
2A 8:26am - 9:05 5th Grade Intro to Orchestra
2B 9:05am - 9:46am 5th Grade Intro to Orchestra
3A 9:49am - 10:28am 6th Grade Beginner Band Woodwinds
3B 10:30am - 11:09am 5th Grade Intro to Orchestra
4A 11:12am - 11:50am 5th Grade Intro to Orchestra
4B 11:54am - 12:42pm Lunch/Conference
4C 12:43pm - 1:22 6th Grade Beginner Orchestra
5A 1:25pm - 2:04pm 6th Grade Honor Orchestra
5B 2:06pm - 2:50pm 6th Grade Bravo Orchestra

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