6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts



    World Cultures and Geography




    Welcome to 6th grade Social Studies!  It is always a goal of mine to bring out the best in each child and create engaging lessons to explore. I am looking forward to working with all of you.

    Social Studies

    We use interactive notebooks for every lesson. These include helpful notes and visuals, as well as personal responses to content. Please take a look inside your child's notebook to get an understanding of how they are doing in class. Notebooks will be collected for a grade throughout the year.

    Homework Folder

    This is a folder all 6th graders set up with their advisory teacher. It is used to hold homework and parent information handouts. On the left side, students may leave at home anything they put there. On the right side, place anything that should should be returned to school. It is a one-stop organizational system for convenience and efficiency. 


    1. Record your agenda daily for all classes in your planner. 

    2. Respectfully participate in class discussions and group work.

    3. Keep your area clean and organized.

    4. Complete work on time.

    5. Use your time wisely to accomplish your daily goals.

    Daily Schedule

    7:30-9:05    1st Period (Conference)

    9:07-10:27   2nd Period - Pre-AP Social Studies (A) / Social Studies (B)

    10:29-11:49  3rd Period - Pre-AP Social Studies (A) /  Social Studies (B)

    11:49-12:29   Lunch

    12:31-1:51     4th Period - Pre-AP Social Studies (A) / Social Studies (B)

    1:53-2:45     Advisory/RTI/Enrichment