Benefits of reading at home.

  • The Read Aloud Difference

    Parents who read children’s stories aloud to their kids provide a strong, positive influence and build a foundation for a lifetime of significant benefits.   But what really are these reading aloud benefits?   What kind of difference are we talking about?

    Below is a summary of the significant ways in which reading stories aloud to kids will change their lives . . . and yours.   It won't happen overnight, as change is gradual, but continued and dedicated reading will most definitely bring noticeable, long-term changes.

    Did you know . . .

    • In this day and age of hectic lives and busy schedules, reading together is a simple and enjoyable way for parents to take time out and focus on the family.  Young children need lots of special, dedicated time with their loved ones.
    • Reading children’s stories aloud to our kids is just plain FUN!!
    • Reading children’s stories is a wonderful bonding experience that fosters meaningful one-on-one communication with our kids.
    • It shows our children in no uncertain terms that they are important to us.
    • It molds our kids into becoming readers, and raising a reader significantly increases our child's potential for academic success as well as lifelong success in general.
    • It is a vital and integral part of teaching our kids how to read as children learn how to read by being read to.
    • It helps our children master language development.
    • It builds listening skills, increases a child's attention span, and develops the ability to concentrate at length of which all are learned skills.
    • It develops children's ability to express themselves more confidently, easily, and clearly in spoken AND written terms.
    • It develops and fosters a child's natural curiosity.
    • It develops creativity and a child's ability to use their own imagination!
    • It expands our children's horizons, quells fears, exposes them to new situations, and teaches them appropriate behavior.
    • Reading children’s stories to our children provides the best opportunities for true " teaching moments ."
    • Reading picture books develops a young child's appreciation for the arts through exposure to many different styles of art and illustrations.