Classroom Expectations

  •             Third Grade             Classroom Expectations


    Be Respectful:

    Treat others as you want to be treated

    -          Listen to people who are talking to you.

    -          Say sorry for your accidents.

    -          Help others who are in need.

    Be Responsible:

    Come ready to learn.

    -          Take care of your business.

    Be proud of your actions.

    -          Clean up after yourself.

    -          Be honest.

    -          Take care of your business.

    Be Safe:

              Keep hands, feet and objects to self.

    -          Do not play with sharp objects.

    -          Watch where you are going.

    Always follow Panther expectations.

    -          Stick together

    -          Tie your shoes

    -          No running

    -          Always tell your teacher where you are going.