"Team of Eight"

  • Overview

    In effective school systems, the Superintendent and the Board function as a "Team of Eight." A structured approach to developing a vision for the District and setting goals is enhanced by first developing a system of standard operating procedures. The School Board is the corporate policy-making body for the district and the Superintendent and staff provide the leadership to cause Board policies to be implemented. Therefore, the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent function as a "TEAM OF EIGHT" to provide open communication to the staff and patrons of the district, within a structure of "Good Governance."  

    Board of Trustees' Commitments to Excellence

    The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD Board of Trustees adopted their Commitments to Excellence on October 17, 2023.  

    1. We are committed to maximizing achievements for all students.
    2. We recognize the invaluable contributions of our teachers and staff and are dedicated to supporting their professional growth and well-being.
    3. We are committed to providing appropriate and innovative resources and curriculum.
    4. We are committed to exercising fiscal responsibility for the long-term benefit of the parents, guardians, citizens, and employees of the District.
    5. We are committed to providing safe, secure, and supportive environments for working and learning.
    6. We believe that public education is best defined by the local community, with limited government involvement.

    Board Operating Procedures

    The district's Board Policies address board meeting requirements in greater detail.  Should there be a conflict between these operating procedures and policy, either legal or local, the policy shall prevail.  Board Operating Procedures will be reviewed and updated as necessary on an annual basis in conjunction with the Board's Good Governance Self Check and will be part of Board member training. (Last Update - 1/18/2022)

     Board of Trustees Bios

    You can learn more about each Board of Trustee by clicking on their names located next to their photos from the list below.