Cell Phones/Calls home

  • Cell Phones/Calls home
    As stated in the student handbook, cell phones must be turned off andin the students backpack - Meaning NOT in their pocket!!!!  It is way to easy for the phone to work it's way out of a student's pocket and fall onto the floor.

    The first time a cell phone is seen or heard, the student will receive a verbal warning and a note in their agenda.

    Every time a cell is seen or heard after the first warning, a note will be written in their agenda, your child will call home from the classroom phone, and the cellphone will be collected and must be picked up from the front office by a parent or guardian.

    Please make sure that all alarms are off on a cell phone if it is brought to school.  There have been issues where a cell phone has been off and in a backpack, but the alarm has still gone off.  This is a huge disruption to the school day and environment and will still count as "hearing" a cell phone.

    Also, no pictures are allowed to be taken of other students.  As long as the cell phone stays off and put away, this should not be a problem.

    If at a point in time during the school day a student feels they need to call home, they may ask the classroom teacher and may call home from the phone in the classroom or at the front office during anappropriate time.

    If you have any questions about the cell phone policy, please read the section in the student handbook over cellphones or you can contact me with any questions or concerns.