• "Average players practice to get it right,

    champions practice to never get it wrong." - Unknown

    Assessments are given in order to gauge how students are able to preform independently on skills that we have worked on in the classroom.  Many assessments will be spiraling and will include skills from previous units.

    Assessments may take many forms - vocabulary, computation, multiple choice,district assessments/benchmarks, written explanations, small projects, etc .

    Multiple choice tests will be given after most units - smaller units may be combined.  Test dates will be posted in the classroom and written in the agenda.

    Tests are worth 50% of the overall average and so should be taken very seriously.

    The day before any test will be reserved for reviewing skills that will be on the test.

    A review will also be assigned before any test.  It is expected that the review is completed and ready to be turned in the day of the test.