Journals, Textbooks, Folders

  • 3 Subject NOTEBOOK

    Every student is expected to maintain separate math notebook and have it for class every day.  

    The notebooks will be in a 3 subject spiral and will remain in the students backpack except when in use for classwork or homework.  We will add to the notebooks frequently, especially when introducing new topics.  We will use the notebook for notes, example problems, vocabulary and more. 

    I want to encourage every student to have out their notebook when working on homework so that it can help guide them.

    Homework FOLDER

    Every student will be provided with a homework folder.  It is expected that each student will keep their homework folder neat and organized.  They will use this folder to keep their work in progress and to carry homework to and from home until it is collected.

    Thursday Folder

    This is a folder in which graded work will be passed back in on Thursdays. Within the Thursday folder will be a signature log.  It is expected that students will show their parents their graded work along with the signature log for parents to document that they have received the graded work for the week.  The Thursday folder is due back signed on Monday.  At times there may be a progress report within the Thursday folder to make parents aware of current grades and missing assignments.  If your child is to receive one of these, please sign and return it with the signed Thursday folder.

    Please be sure to review your child's graded work as well as their online grades to help them be successful.

    Student Interactive Textbook

    Math interactive textbooks will be kept in the classroom, students will tear out assignments as they are assigned to complete in class or as homework.  Notes will be removed from the interactive textbook and glued into the 3 subject notebook.  Since there is only 1 workbook per student, lost assignments will be replaced with an alternate assignment.

    If you have any questions about the math notebook, Thursday folder, or interactive textbook, please contact me.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of, organize and maintain all of these resources.

    Students are able to access the textbook in it's entirety (and print if necessary) by visiting the following page.  Please use the login information glued into the front of your child's planner to log into the online textbook.  Logins will be provided within the first 3 weeks of school.