Classroom Expectations

  • We must prepare our children for the world, 

    we cannot prepare the world for them.

    Our Beliefs:

    1. Safety

    2. Respect

    3. Teamwork

    These will be our governing expectations in our classroom. These can be viewed as the rules, but they are much more. In every action we take, we must take into account each and every belief. By following these beliefs, we will create a welcoming, friendly, cooperative learning environment.


    "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." - Isaac Newton

    Each day a student enters our classroom, they are given a clean slate.  Those who choose to engage in activities or behaviors that distract from their learning, the learning of those around them, or from my ability to engage all students in the learning objective will follow the below course of action.

    1. First Offense - Verbal warning, name noted  

    2.  Second Offense- Removal from group/activity

    3.  Third Offense - Red notation in planner, parent signature required

    4. Fourth Offense (based on severity of behavior)

    -Possible parent phone call/email home

    -Possible parent/teacher/student conference

    -Possible administration contact

    -Possible removal from classroom

    ** Per 9 Week Period **

    3 Notations = Student Conference

    6 Notations = Parent/Teacher/Student Conference

    12 Notations = Discipline Referral

    ** A Red Signature of Concern in the planner or Discipline Referral may be submitted to administration at any time dependent on the severity of the behavior(s) **

    Possible behaviors that would warrant the above actions:

    1. Talking/making any sounds that distract from the learning environment.  Talking is highly encouraged at the appropriate times, random noise making is never acceptable.

    2.  Talking back disrespectfully.  Differences in opinions will occur, both between students and between students and the teacher.  Knowing how to disagree respectfully is expected.

    3. Being in a location without permission from the teacher.  This is a safety concern and will not be permitted.

    4. Destruction of property.  This includes breaking pencils purposefully (even their own), tearing up papers, knocking over anything intentionally, etc.

    5.  Lying. 

    6. Eating/chewing gum in the classroom (without specific permission).

    7. Use of inappropriate language.

    8. Cellphone/electronic use.  This includes it being seen at all by the teacher.  Cellphones/electronics must remain OFF and in the students backpack.

    As an educator, when working with a group of 5th graders, I know behavioral concerns will arise.  Even the best of us has an off day.  I like to remind my students that we are all human and we all make mistakes.  And that is ok; it is our actions after our mistakes that show our true character.  My hope is that through gentle reminders, all students are able to correct their choices so that everyone can enjoy a peaceful learning environment.  Unfortunately, at times, more severe consequences are necessary.  Please let me know if your child shares anything with you about struggles they are having at school and if you have any suggestions based on what you know about your child's temperament (or their "carrots").  I am always open to any suggestions to help your child be a successful member of our classroom. 

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