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  • Imagine Learning Language and Literacy

    Students may access this program via ClassLink

    • First, student will need to login to their ClassLink Account.
    • Next, the student will need to click on the Imagine Learning Language and Literacy App Icon (Blue Robot).
    • Then, the student will need to enter their Username and Password for Imagine Learning Language and Literacy. 
    • Last, the student will need to complete 20-30 minutes per session, at least two times per week. 

    The students should have the login information.  The ESL teacher and the ELAR teacher will have this information as well.

    The student will need to work in this program for at least 30 minutes, two times per week.

    The program will time them out automatically after their goal time has been met for the session.

    The student can use this program with any device that has a built-in mic and speakers, or with a device and a headset that has a mic.

    The program will automatically assess the student at the beginning, middle, and end of year. 

    The program will send automatic alerts to the ESL teacher regarding any areas of concern that need to be addressed.  


    Kids A-Z (AKA: Learning A-Z or Raz Kids)


    Instructions for Logging In using Classlink (Recommended)

    • -The student will need to log in to their Classlink account.

    • -The student will click on the Kids A-Z (O-Auth) Icon.

    • -The student will change their teacher to:  hjohnston11 (Holly Johnston)

    • -The student will find their name and icon and click on it.

    • -The student will enter their password.  ( They should have a log in card in their planner.  If they do not have this information, please email me and I can get that information to you.)

    • -Once logged in, the student will have access to threee tabs (located at the top or the bottom of the screen).  They are Headsprout/Reading/Vocabulary.

    • - I recommend that my 5th grade students and some 6th grade students work in Headsprout for approximately 30 minutes per week until they have mastered all levels.

    • - There are also leveled books (based on their personal reading level) and some assigned books in the Reading Room.  When reading these books it is important that they read the book before answering any questions. 

    **Please know that the student's language arts teacher also has access to this account and will occasionally make assignments for reading as needed using this site.