Procedures, Expectations, and Rewards

  • Procedures, Expectations,
    and Rewards
    Planner - Every student should bring his/her planner to school and take it home daily. Parents need to initial daily. Teachers may write in the planner to communicate with parents about missing work and behavior issues.
    Homework/Take Home Folder - Every student has a Homework/Take Home Folder. Homework should be taken home and returned to school in this folder. This is a way for students to stay organized! All fliers, graded work, handouts, etc. will be sent home in this folder as well. 
    LAIN (Language Arts Interactive Notebook) - this is a 5-subject spiral notebook that includes notes we take and activities we do in class. Students should bring this with them to class every day! They may need to glue in some new notes, use old notes to complete an activity, study their vocabulary words, etc. 
    Traits of a Student - Classroom Expectations
    1) Be RESPECTFUL to your teacher and classmates.
    2) Be KIND by encouraging yourself and your classmates.
    Be CONSIDERATE by keeping hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    4) Be RESPONSIBLE by being prepared for class.
    5) Be an ACTIVE learner.
    Consequences (Per Nine Weeks)
    1) Verbal Reminder
    2) Behavior stamp in planner with student/teacher conference
    3) Planner Signature
    4) Planner Signature Consequences:
         After 3 - Lunch Detention w/ student/teacher conference
         After 6 - Parent/Teacher/Student Conference
         After 9 - Loss of Classroom Reward Activity on Fridays and parent contact
    Behavior signatures are written in red and are numbered. Major negative behavior choices and/or frequent, repetitive behavior choices may lead to an office referral.
    Students will be rewarded for their good behavior 
    and for fulfilling academic responsibilities.
    *During 3rd Period 
    *Activities vary!
    How Can Students Attend Fun Friday?
    • No missing work
    • No more than 1 planner signature regarding bad behavior (from ANY teacher)
    • Planner is filled out for ALL classes ALL week