Student Planner/Homework Folder

  •     Student Planner  

         All students will be expected to have their planner in their possession every day, and will keep their planner updated with daily class information.  Expectations, including class and homework assignments, will be written on the board. Students will copy this information exactly as it appears on the board in the appropriate space of their planner upon entering my class each day.  Any assignment labeled Hmwk. indicates a homework assignment that students will be able to share with parents at home before the assignment is due to be turned in.

         Information on individual students that I need to communicate to parents will be written in the student planner by me.  This will include good news as well as discipline issues/missing assignments.  This is a place where parents are encouraged to communicate with me as well.  Notes written in the planner by parents will be seen by me the following day.

         The planner should be signed or initialed by a parent each night and planners will be checked by me for parent signatures the following day.

         It is the student's responsibility to keep their planner up-to-date, neat, and in their possession every day.  It is also the student's responsibility to show the planner to parents each night and politely request a parent signature.

    Homework Folder                

         Graded assignments from the previous week will be returned to students each Thursday in their Homework Folder.  Any assignments in the folder scoring below 70 can be corrected and returned to me.  (See policies)  There may also be information from the front office in this folder, so it is important for parents to see it each week.  It is the student's responsibility to make sure ALL returned assignments are seen by parents, and any failing assignments corrected and returned to me.