Panorama -- Survey for Social/Emotional Learning




    Panorama Dates:

    BOY:  09/06/22-09/23/22

    MOY:  12/1/22-12/15/22

    EOY:  03/20/22-04/06/22


    Panorama is SCUC ISD’s universal screener that is given three times per year to all students in grades 3rd through 12th. The screener results allows staff to measure a student’s social-emotional learning growth throughout the year.


    Schedule of SEL Lessons:


    Week of…


    Aug. 17

    Virtual Back to School

    Aug. 24

    Barbara Jordan

    Aug. 31


    Sept. 7

    Skill Communicator

    Sept. 14

    Service Oriented

    Sept. 21

    Dynamic Leader

    Sept. 28

    Future Ready

    Oct. 5

    Eagle Pride

    Oct. 12