Homework Expectations


    The students will be given a "Homework Packet" on Friday so that they can begin their Homework. Some students may want more time to study their Spelling words.

    Monday- Read, spell, and write spelling words (5) times each and complete Math activity.

    Tuesday-Write spelling words in ABC order and complete Math activity.

    Wednesday-Take a practice spelling test at home and study spelling words for Thursday's Spelling test. Complete Math activity.

    *Thursday-Write a sentence  for each  spelling word. Start with a capital letter and end with a period or question mark. Underline all spelling words. Complete math activity. #Correct missed spelling words from Spelling test 10 times each and return with parent’s signature.

    Friday—-Notices of “Home Projects” may be given.

    Also students will be given the   

    following weeks spelling words for extra studying time. 


        All homework assignments must be checked and turned in on Friday with parent’s signature. A coin will be turned in if not returned. Recess will be used as a time to work on it, if possible, until homework is completed.



    *Reminder* All homework is due on Friday.