Behavior Expectations



    Be Respectful

    -Always be positive in your words and actions.

    -Take care of property at school.

    Be Responsible

    -Be prepared

    -Follow directions

    Be Safe

    -Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

    -Walk inside.

    -Always follow Panther expectations.


         I utilize a disciplinary system that rewards those students for good behavior and helps control those who are distracters or behavior problems for the rest of the class.  At the start of each day, all students are given three gold coins.  If a child is caught misbehaving, breaking class rule, or fails to turn in homework, he/she will be directed to turn in a coin.  At the end of each day, a count of the number of coins each child has remaining is recorded and at the end of the week, each child that retains possession of all their coins for the week, earns tickets to be used towards ticket prizes for their good behavior.


         In the event a student loses all their coins that day, he/she will then resort to a color coded chart system.  In the classroom is a pocket chart.  Each child has a “pocket” that holds six color coded cards.  This chart will make children aware of their behavior.  The colors they represent are:


               Blue-----SUPER student



               Yellow----Lose 10 minutes recess

               Green----Note or call to parents

               Black----Trip to office


         The cards are all put on blue at the beginning of each day.

    Each Thursday, a folder will be sent home.  This folder will be used to send home graded papers.  It will also contain a calendar that indicates your child’s behavior.  At the top of the calendar are specific behaviors that prevent others from learning.  When a student is reminded of a specific behavior that is listed on the calendar, it will be noted on the calendar.

         Please sign the calendar each Thursday and return the folder on Friday.  All papers remain at home unless indicated by the teacher to “redo” or “return” a paper.



                                                  Mrs Anna Coronado