Grading Policy


    First Grade teachers take grades on District Common Assessments, other classroom test and teacher observation. These are for a better understanding of where each student is. There are no retakes since these grades are not posted in Grade Speed like the upper grades.

    Reading Levels are as follows:

    The beginning of school your student should come into first grade with a Reading Level of 3 or better.

    The second nine weeks your student should be on a Reading Level of 6 or better.

    The third nine weeks your student should be on a Reading Level of 10 or better.

    At the end of First Grade your student should have a Reading Level of 16 or better preparing them for second grade.

    Math as follows:

    Reads and writes numbers from 0-100, compares and orders numbers; understands place value; identifies coins and their values; skip counts by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s; can add and subtract facts and fact families up to 18; model and create addition and subtraction problems; identifies even and odd numbers; orders events in duration; identifies, describes and extends patterns; makes, identifies, describes two dimensional figures; estimates; measures length with non standard units; reads time to hour and half hour; collects, sorts and uses data to construct graphs; problem solving; identifies certain or impossible events.