Windows 8.x

  • Instructions to connect to the SCUC Staff Wi-Fi using Windows 8.x

    1. Click on the Wireless icon to the left of the clock

    2. Select scucstudent from the list of Wi-Fi networks,  then Connect


    3. In the User name field, enter your Network Username and in the Password field, enter your Network password, and then click OK.


    4. Next, select Connect.


    5. The device will now be connected to the studentbyod Wi-Fi network.

    6. Once connected to the studentbyod wireless network, you will need to log into iBoss (our internet filter) to have appropriate Staff level access when accessing web sites. To do this, open your preferred browser.

    7. This iBoss window will possibly open.  

    Note: If the iBoss window doesn't open immediately, you can attempt to access a web site of your choice.  This should prompt the iBoss window to open.


    8. Next, the iBoss Login window will appear. Enter your network username and password and click Login.