• Connecting with an iPad/iPod/iPhone Device

    1.  Select the Settings icon on the home screen on your device.

    2.  Select General from the left hand menu. Then select the Network menu item on the right hand side.

    3.  Click the Wi-Fi menu item on the left side of the screen.  The system will now list all available wireless networks. Select studentbyod from the list of networks that appear.

    4.  The system will ask you to enter your Network username following this pattern; students\username, and then your password.

    5. You will then be asked to Accept a certificate.

    6. Once you click the Accept button you will be connected.

    7. Once connected to the studentbyod wireless network, you will need to log into iBoss (our internet filter) to have appropriate access when accessing web sites. To do this, open your preferred browser.

    8. This window will possibly open, click Continue.

    Note: If the iBoss window doesn't open immediately, you can attempt to access a web site of your choice.  This should prompt the iBoss window to open.


    9. Next, the iBoss Login window will appear. Enter your network username and password and click Login.