Macintosh OS

  • Connecting with a MacOS 10.x

    1.  Look for the wireless icon at the top right hand side of the desktop screen.

    2.  Click on the wireless icon to bring up a list of available network connections. Then select the studentbyod wireless network.

    3. Enter your Network username in the Username field ,and your Network password in the Password field. You may also want to click the checkmark, Remember this network. Then, click Join.

    4. When the Verify Certificate dialog box comes up, click Continue


    5. The device is now connected on the studentbyod network.

    6. Once connected to the scucstudent wireless network, if you want to access a web browser you will need to log into iBoss, our internet filter to have appropriate access. To do this, open your preferred browser.

    7. The iBoss log-in window will appear. Enter you username following this pattern; students\username, and then your password and click Login.